Meet Your FCMO

Hello! Meet Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Welcome! I am your dedicated Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, bringing over a decade of experience in Omni Channel Digital Marketing to the table. With a rich background spanning SEO, SEM, Paid and Organic Social Media, CRO, Email, Amazon, Video, and Content Marketing, I am here to lead your marketing initiatives and contribute significantly to your growth strategy.

Shaun Wilson

With a blend of over a decade of digital marketing experience, a solid educational foundation, and a range of professional certifications, I am uniquely positioned to serve as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.
Having worked in multiple roles over the years on both the client and the vendor side of the industry, I bring a unique set of skills to the table. My most recent position was the Senior Director of Digital Marketing at the #1 Digital Marketing Vendor in America where I spearheaded the Omni Channel Team and drove departmental initiatives in a high-octane agency environment. Known for my distinctive coaching and leadership approach, I excel in troubleshooting and offering strategic direction. Here’s a glimpse into my professional skills that stand as a testament to my capabilities:

      • Advanced Digital Marketing Skills
      • Exceptional Communication
      • Adaptability and Critical Thinking
      • Proficient Problem-solving
      • Team Management and Public Speaking
      • Outstanding Data Analysis
      • Project Management
      • Strategic Planning
      • Process Improvement

My expertise in communicating the value of digital services, nurturing vendor relationships, developing AI strategies, and fostering internal talent has always been at the forefront of my skillset.

In addition to my extensive hands-on experience, my educational background includes an array of Digital Marketing certifications. My dedication to continuous learning is reflected in this list:

      • Certified Search Marketing Specialist
      • Certified Social and Community Specialist
      • Certified Content Marketing Specialist
      • Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist
      • Certified Search Engine Optimization Specialist
      • Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist
      • Certified Conversion Funnel Specialist
      • Paid Traffic Mastery Certification
      • Google Universal and GA4
      • AdWords Certifications
      • HubSpot Content Marketing Certified
      • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified

My proven record of accomplishments in driving digital marketing success, coupled with my commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends, ensures that I am able to help your business position itself for measurable growth through digital marketing solutions.

I invite you to take the first step towards a fruitful collaboration. Click below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, and let’s explore how we can elevate your digital marketing strategy to unparalleled levels.

Your journey towards robust digital marketing success begins with a seasoned Fractional Chief Marketing Officer dedicated to turning your business goals into reality.

Google Premier Partner

“Shaun is in the 1% of marketers that truly look at the numbers and trends and makes smart business decisions based on the truth of numbers, not just an opinion. I wouldn’t hesitate to say he is one of the best marketing analysts that I have ever come across. On a personal level, he’s been amazing to work with, I look forward to our meetings. He’s treated us (PPC vendor) with kindness and respect, there isn’t a bad thing I could say about Shaun. 10/10 would recommend.”

~Chris Cunningham

Director of Insights

“One of many great pleasures in working with Shaun is his data-driven approach to business growth. Our weekly team conversations are always aligned to data points, open collaboration on where to pivot to ensure we are on the right path to hit goals. He’s driven to win, continually learni and his enthusiasm and approach to leadership are contagious with his team and ours. He is a wonderful human who cares about the success of everyone he works with.”

~Tammy Miles

Corporate Director

“Shaun gets tangible marketing results out of every situation by leveraging the natural talents of his vendors, teams, and partners. Shaun is a master at building and leveraging relationships to uncover tools, isolating best practices, and exceeding targets. His relentless drive to stay on the cutting edge of his industry is what makes him a formidable digital marketing expert.”

~Rachel Lawler

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